About Us

So … who is Mr Superfly we hear you ask?

It’s a good question, and one that continues to allude us most days, however sometimes we get a glimpse (also, Google says an online shop needs an About Us page so here we all are).

Mr Superfly … he is an enigma, a connoisseur of the fine things in life, who also has a bit of penchant for graphic tees and other cool stuff.

The brand is young, appearing like magic on the world wide web in 2022. It came into being after too much time stuck inside during the covid lockdowns staring out the window, it came like a spark of inspiration to said frustrated and mildly talented folk who said how they quite like designing stuff.

Mr Superfly himself though has been on this earth for a good number of years now and he has a few interesting stories and hobbies that will no doubt find themselves a creative outlet here on this website.

Check out the Mr Superfly catalog to see our latest designs.

And keep an eye on all the usual online channels for glimpses into the life of Mr Superfly.

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